[Conference papers (sorted by primary author’s last name).]

C. F. Abel – What is this Theory Stuff All About?

Khaldoun AbouAssi and Deborah L. Trent – Understanding Local Participartion Amidst Challenges: Evidence From Lebanon In The Global South

Koen P.R. Bartels – Public Encounters in Participatory Democracy

Anders Berg-Sørensen – The Political Rhetoric of Administrative Ethics: Obama vs. the Cynics

Mark Bevir – Rethinking Governmentality: Towards Genealogies of Governance

Catherine Humphries Brown – Public Sector Reform as Experienced in the Nonprofit Sector: Using Theory to Develop a More Holistic Understanding of Public Sector Reform

Heath Brown – Narrative Strategies Used by Interest Groups during the 2008 Presidential Transition

Mariglynn Collins – Devil, Hero or Sleeping Beauty? The Making of Orphan Myths and Public Administration

Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera – Border Violence, the (Mis)use of Media, and Border (Mis)management: The Media Spectacle of the so-called “War on Drugs”

Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera, Terence M. Garrett, and Michelle Keck – Administrative Surveillance and Fear – Implications for Governance of Those Living on the Mexican and U.S. Border

Chris Erickson – Homer in Egypt: Myth and Public Rhetoric

Rachael J. Evans – Inherently Governmental: Challenging Territory

M.J. Gable – Problematizing Governmentality: Pursuing Critical Theory as Praxis

Terence M. Garrett – De-Colonization in the Lower Rio Grande Valley (v2)

Mincheol Ha and Gyounsoo Yoon – Policy Dilemma and Symbolic Response

Laura C. Hand – Public Policy as Puppeteer: The Fallacy of the Policy Lever

Richard J. Herzog and Morgan Whitmire – Stories Managers Tell: How Lessons are Transferred into Practice

Meredith Hundley – Transmitting and Receiving: The Creation of a Hegemonic Concept of the Internet

Claire Connolly Knox – Distorted Communication in the Florida Everglades: A Critical Theory Analysis of “Everglades Restoration”

Jennica Larrison and Mariglynn Collins – You are in Danger! Governing in a Time of Fear

Margaret Light – Sustainability as a Guiding Ethic for Pennsylvania Municipalities

Larry S. Luton – Meanings of Rationality in Public Administration and Public Policy: An Examination of Elinor Ostrom’s Work

Gary S. Marshall – Applying Ironist Narrative to the Discourse of Public Administration (v2)

Andrea E. Mayo – John Schools as Gender Academies: How Anti-Prostitution Policy Normalizes Gendered and Racialized Identities

Mary McThomas – Citizenship, Status, and the Strains of Moral Commitment

Hugh T. Miller – Ideography, Social Action and Habituated Experience

Anthony D. Molina and Cassandra McKeown – The Virtues of Administration: Understanding Public Service Values Through Narrative

Katharine A. Neill – The Gap Problem: Socioeconomic Inequalities and their Significance for the Democratic Ideal

Mariana G. O’Brien – Epistemology and Democratic Networked Governance in Living-Lab Environments

Amanda Olejarski and Kathy Webb Farley – The little blue pill that killed the little pink house: A narrative of eminent domain.

Adam R. Overmiller and Amanda M. Olejarski – Conspiracy in Arizona: Satisficing Feeding Bounded Rationality

Alexandru V. Roman, Efraim Ben-Zadok, Alka Sapat – Corruption the Myth

Arthur Sementelli – Public Service, Struggle, and Existenz

Amanda Sigel – College Websites as Artifacts: Self-Conscious Glimpses of Organizational Culture

Michael W. Spicer – In Defense of Politics in Public Administration

Michael W. Spicer – Sounds reasonable to me! Reflections on rationality, consistency, and argument and their implications for public administration.

Camilla Stivers – Filling in the blanks: Science and art in the work of the U.S. Army Corps of Topographical Engineers

Yana Stoeva and Robert Hoppe – Recasting The Puzzle of the EU’s Eastward Enlargement

Kym Thorne and Alexander Kouzmin – Lieutenant Pinkerton and Empire: Calling for a new La Convivencia in a Post 9/11- Hegemony

Aaron Wachhaus – The Akedah as Governance Myth

Margaretha Warnicke and Joanna Lucio – Naturalizing Exclusion: SB 1070 and the Performance of Citizenship

Gyun Soo Yoon and Min Cheol Ha – Maximizing the Role of Symbols in Governing Process and the Divided Community

Lisa A. Zanetti and Cheryl Simrell King – Transformational Public Service: Possibilities for Changing the Discipline?

Staci Zavattaro – Problems with the Myth of Consensus in Public Administration

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