Session Guide

For Presenters, Chairs, and Moderators!

The PAT-Net annual conference is a place where theorists and scholars of public administration come to deliberate and engage in dialogue. Please send your conference papers by May 1, 2011 so it can be posted on the conference website, giving participants a chance to read papers before the conference.

Each panel session of the program lasts 90 minutes. Please plan to have a minimum of 30 minutes allocated for open discussion; more time for discussion is usually better. Regardless of the number of presentations assigned to your panel, please try not to exceed 60 minutes for all presentations, including the time allocated for the assigned discussant, chair, or convener.

It is the responsibility of the chair or convener to coordinate the assignment of time and the order of paper presentations with presenters (if you know in advance, please contact the program chair to change the order of presentations so the program is accurate). The chair or convener is also the time keeper. It is critical that panels and roundtables start on time and end on time. It is also critical that the time reserved for discussion with the audience be protected by the chair or convener.

If you plan on using visuals, laptops and projectors will be available. Please bring the slides for your talk to the conference in a generally accepted electronic format (Power Point is the most common). Please arrive at your session ahead of time and load your presentation on the provided equipment. It is generally a bad idea to switch computers on the projector so please bring your presentation on a thumb/jump/memory/usb stick and load all presentations on one computer.

Please do NOT bring handouts or many copies of your papers to help meet the goal of decreasing the environmental impact of the conference. Papers and handouts may be made available electronically either ahead of the conference or by e-mail exchange later.

If this is your first time presenting or chairing/moderating a panel, check out these tips.

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